TheraIce RX


Brand Story

TheraICE Rx manufactures and sells cold compression therapy products like headache relief caps, hot and cold compression sleeves, wrist ice packs and many other products, they’re the number 1 seller on Amazon in their category and over the years, this has been their main channel of focus.

TheraICE had dabbled on other channels like Meta/Google with small monthly spends in the past but particularly struggled with Meta ads and stopped spending on Meta for the last few years until they decided to take a chance with us in May 2022.


The initial objective was a pilot to stress test Meta as a push marketing channel for TheraICE. The main goal here was a proof of concept, to see whether we could drive positive roas with Meta and ensure we weren’t cannibalizing on Amazon sales.

If successful with the initial pilot, our next objective was to explore other paid channels and markets to scale the online Shopify store revenue further with an uncapped budget, so long as each month we were hitting the KPI’s.


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The Challenge

There was very little historical data in the Meta ad account as TheraICE business was primarily built on Amazon. Two months prior to joining ROAS Media, TheraICE had tried some small tests on Meta with poor results (the results they had achieved for themselves during this time had a zero and decimal point before the roas number so it was practically non-existent).

Essentially we needed to jump in and treat this test pilot with TheraICE as if we were starting from scratch with a full-funnel re-build on Meta and an overhaul of the strategies and creatives with rapid testing and close monitoring of not only the Shopify results but also any potential impact to Amazon sales.

Our Strategy

Given the state of the ad account prior to joining, the first thing we had to set up was a full-funnel campaign structure. It was important to separate out top, mid, and bottom of funnel campaigns with the right audience exclusion settings at each level so that we could analyse the results at each level of the funnel/customer journey and particularly determine after some initial test spends, where the main focus areas would need to be.


Month 1:

Previously TheraICE had tested very few ad creatives so within month 1, we rapidly tested over 30 ad creatives across various levels of their ad funnel. We could have obviously tested more creatives but most brands tend to get top-heavy on creative testing in the early months and it’s important to balance creative tests with the level of ad spend to achieve statistically significant results and not burn budgets on over-testing. 


The initial results from the new campaign setup and creative testing showed promise but we still had our work cut out for us as we had helped them move the needle from a zero-something roas to at least breakeven roas after month 1. We also worked with TheraICE to determine from their Amazon data, they could see a halo effect with their Amazon orders/revenue from the increased spend on Meta.


Month 2:

TheraICE had asked us to stress test even further and double the ad spend. This is a tough ask in the early days of building out strategies and testing. In order to achieve similar or better results than month 1, we knew we had to focus on some big changes that could help move the needle on their ad and website key metrics. We placed a lot more focus on split testing across landing pages and pushing product bundles to improve AOV to help maintain/improve our roas with the bigger push on top of funnel spend.


We also worked closely with their CRM partners, Chronos Agency, to build extra flows into their abandoned cart emails and share insights on our top creatives, top products/bundles and cohort data on what people were most commonly purchasing when they placed their next order to help inform the email strategies and fine-tune the game plan across the board. 

Months 3 & 4:

We advised TheraICE that the best course of action from here would be to focus on refinement and stability as we wanted to build a strong base of core ad sets and creatives that were consistently holding up healthy results. The goal was to get to 70/80% of our ad sets and creatives that we knew could sustain further scaling while 20-30% of the budget would be allocated for smaller tests and continued refinement. 

The Results

In months one and two, we achieved a breakeven roas on Meta while testing and developing the foundations for a scalable structure. Shopify revenue doubled in month 1 and nearly doubled again in month two as we helped TheraICE to break through the six-figure monthly revenue mark for the first time!

By the end of month 4, our meta roas was profitable at every layer of the funnel (top, middle, and bottom of the funnel) and we were seeing similar success across the other paid channels.

Overall in this 4-month pilot sprint, we helped to prove that scaling with paid ads to Shopify was not only possible for TheraICE but also very profitable with the added benefit of providing a halo effect on increasing amazon sales as paid ad spend scaled.

The high six-figure revenues from Shopify alone that we were achieving by months 3 and 4 were a whopping 518% increase from the usual monthly baseline for Shopify sales before we partnered together!

UPDATE (2023):

After this pilot test, we have continued our partnership, scaling profitably to high multi-6 figure revenues together in November & December of 2022 and beyond into 2023 with further scaling into other markets outside of the United States.


The working team

Sarah Maluyo
Senior Media Buyer

Sarah is our smiling ads assassin – working across some of our most complex eCom brands. It doesn’t matter whether you have an online store with retail locations, an app, wholesalers, affiliates, and more, Sarah will help to make sense of it all and fine-tune the approach for a winning strategy and rapid scaling!


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