Data-Analytics & Consulting

Our data-analytics and consulting services

At ROAS Media, data-lead decision making is at the core of everything we do and sure, many agencies will tell you that but we’d rather show you.

From startups, to disruptors all the way to Fortune 500’s, we work with amazing brands of all sizes

Supercharge your reporting and insights

ROAS Media uses Supermetrics to build custom, live reporting dashboards for our clients around the world. We pull the most amount of data on the supermetrics platform in Asia Pacific! If you’re struggling to see the big picture on how your advertising and marketing initiatives are impacting your business, we’ll help you to analyze your data and put together a custom reporting dashboard that streamlines your reporting and allows you to dive deeper into your performance to understand what’s working for your brand and where the key areas of improvement are to move the needle further.

Subscription Offerings: Measuring LTV/Churn rates across various SKUs

If you’re operating with a subscription model for customers then you’ll understand the importance of measuring your cashflow very carefully and drilling deep into the LTV and churn rates across your various subscription products.

See our case study here for how ROAS Media supported Pipsticks with their LTV/Churn modelling to understand their customer data and how we leverage these insights to refine their marketing strategies and scale the business further. 


Led by former Facebook employee Rich Burns, our team of experts has helped to grow some of the largest eCommerce brands in their respective niches as well as consulting to some of the largest brands in the world. We understand that each brand is unique and we know first hand how strategies will need to evolve at each new phase of growth to truly become a leading brand in your market.

Receive a complimentary audit from our team of experts:

Most brands don’t need all the bells and whistles at once – don’t let other agencies sell you something you don’t need.
Through our complimentary audit, we’ll help you to identify the key areas of focus for your business to scale further profitably:

Metrics That Matter

If you want to see how much your return on ad spend changes with fluctuations in various key metrics in paid advertising then look no further than our ROAS calculator.