Creative Services

Create to Convert

Strong performing ad creatives are essential to priming your target audience to consider making a purchase before they even click to your website. 

Are your ads exciting/interesting/funny/educational? The best ad creatives offer a two-way value exchange between your brand and your target audience. Attention is valuable, in exchange for that attention and a potential purchase, you need to offer some value in return as this will transform your performance. 

What We Can Do For You

Post-production creative editing (static or video assets)

Strategic creative consultations to develop your creative pillars

Commercially licensed music

100% ownership of the creatives we produce for you

A/B creative testing

Repurposing your existing creative library

Tailored creative dimensions to the various platforms you’re advertising on

Ad platform policy compliance

Should you use more video ads or static images?

We get this question a lot from brands joining our portfolio and the answer is simple. With videos you have a greater opportunity to demonstrate your value to potential customers and how your product or service can fill a need they currently have. Over 70% of our eCommerce clients ad creates are video ads. We like to mix in some static images into the overall mix to help keep things fresh and hit home on key USPs, particularly in the retargeting layers of the funnel.

The 3-second creative rule:

Did you know the first 3 seconds of your video creative are the most important? Within the first 3 seconds of your video, your audience needs to see the “hook” – this is who you are and why they should keep watching this video. We see most brands making a big mistake by not following this rule. They start the video with a logo reveal that takes 2 seconds and then they follow this with some sort of brand introduction message and by that time, their audience hasn’t seen anything that keeps their interest and most have scrolled past already. Our team of creative experts at ROAS Media can help you to fine-tune your creative strategies to capture more attention from your audience throughout your videos, ensuring higher click through rates and conversion rates from your creatives. 

Regular fresh creative launches are key:

Launching enough fresh creative each week might be one of the biggest things currently holding you back from scaling your ad spend further whilst maintaining your desired KPIs. Creative performance decay happens naturally for every brand. Some creatives can remain as top performers for longer than others and this is different for every brand.  

Here’s our general rule of thumb for the recommended number of weekly creatives depending on your monthly ad spend (USD):

The difference between running with good creatives vs consistently running with great creatives each month will transform your results!

Focusing on multiple creative “Pillars”:

Think of creative pillars as your various themes of creatives (UGC, Influencer, PR, Educational, Hype, Efficacy). Most brands tend to find one pillar/theme that works for them and then they constantly iterate on this. It works until it doesn’t. Eventually you’ll reach a point where your audience gets tired of seeing the same type of ads. The time delay to eventually finding a new theme that you can be successful with is very costly for brands. That’s why at ROAS Media, we work with our brands from day 1 on testing and finding multiple creative pillars that can be leveraged over time to keep things fresh and mitigate future risks of overdoing any one particular theme.

This is where Google advertising plays a key role in ensuring that all of your marketing activities as you continue to scale up don’t go to waste and with the right strategies, campaign setups and optimisation approaches, you’ll be able to continue growing your revenue and keep crushing your targets!