Our team is based across North America, Europe and APAC. We’ve helped our global client base achieve 100’s of millions in trackable advertising revenue. 

We’re all about helping you achieve a strong Return On Ad Spend​

Rich Burns

Founder of ROAS Media

Rich Burns is an ex-Facebook employee that started ROAS Media in 2017 after helping to scale some of the largest eCommerce brands for Facebook in Australia.​

ROAS Media was founded to serve a gap in the markets for brands that are looking for an agency that operates like an internal team to drive rapid and profitable growth.

We offer services across paid advertising, data analytics consulting and helping our clients to produce creatives that convert!

We’re in the business of growing your business

We grew to become one of the largest independent agencies in APAC (by media budgets managed) mostly through word of mouth and our client’s referring other clients.

Over the years, we’ve grown some of the largest brands in their respective niches

We’ve taken client’s from 10k ad spends to 100k ad spends profitably

We’ve also taken clients from 100k ad spends to $1m monthly ad spends profitably 

Our reputation and the results we drive for our clients are what keeps us in business and what drives us

Our media buying team is a 7 day a week operation 

We work with early stage brands to eCom disruptors and established global brands

There are 3 types of agencies in the world

Those that churn and burn through clients

Those that maintain status quo

And then there are those hard to find agencies 
that truly help you grow (This is us!)

Our mission

To be world-class at helping little guys become the big guys and the big guys to stay the big guys, all while still being able to sleep at night, knowing we’re doing the right thing by our clients and team.

Join Our Team

For our priority roles that are currently open, you can find these listed on ROAS Media LinkedIn page under Jobs tab.

We’re always on the lookout for extraordinary talents to join our team. If you are up for the challenge, drop us an email at: hr@roasmedia.com with your CV and share your experience!`