26% Reduction In Customer Acquisition Costs

Brand Story

Pipsticks was started in 2014 by Mo Vazquez – what started out as a sticker club side hustle, quickly grew to be a successful business both online and offline. Pipsticks’ mission is to make super fun (and super pretty) products that will elicit that child-like butterflies-in-your-stomach excitement and give you the chance to lose yourself in a delightful experience.


1) Make sense of various data streams to consolidate into a single reporting tool

2) Calculate Churn/CLTV across each subscription offering

3) Balance monthly spending across one-off purchases/subscription purchases to ensure monthly profitability and a healthy long-term cash-flow forecast from subscription orders


Reduction in CAC

Monthly One-Off Product Sale

Monthly New Subscriptions

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The Challenge

1) Reporting needs for this level of sophistication – there was nothing available on the market:

Like Pipsticks, many subscription brands rely on Shopify data, Recharge subscription data as well as their own operations/customer data. It was challenging for the Pipsticks team to achieve an accurate view of performance given the inconsistencies across each data source. We couldn’t find any tools available on the market so we decided to custom-build our own solution through Supermetrics reporting over a few months of trouble-shooting and fine-tuning.

2) Making sense of all the data in a complex business model:

With a complex model such as Pipsticks, we had to carefully sort between one-off orders, subscription orders, gift orders, and wholesale orders across all data sources and then investigate the current inaccuracies between their existing reporting tools before we could even determine the final solution here to the reporting challenges.

3) Finding the right balance of spend each month

Balance is the operative word here as you can push out as many subscriptions focussed ads as you like but you can’t control whether those visitors will end up purchasing a one-off purchase or a subscription purchase so it required careful monitoring and daily tracking and adjustments to our approach. This is especially true when you factor in a low-priced item like stickers for one-off purchases and how long you might need someone on a subscription for before you start making a profit there.

Our Strategy

Our data analytics team stepped in to unpack Recharge Analytics and custom-built a dashboard that tied in all key numbers, including but not limited to:-

  1. Total active subscriptions count and revenue from Recharge Analytics
  2. New subscriptions count and revenue from Recharge analytics
  3. Total one-off purchases revenue from Shopify Analytics
  4. Meta ad spend on subscription ad
  5. Meta ad spend on one-off or generic ad


Using the above metrics, we were able to monitor more metrics and set a clear target:-

  • Overall ROAS 
    • (Total active subscriptions revenue + Total one-off purchases revenue from Shopify Analytics) ÷ Total Ad Spend
  • New Subscriber CAC
    • Total Ad Spend ÷ New subscriptions count from Recharge Analytics
  • Expected ROAS 
    • [(Total active subscriptions count from Shopify analytics x lifetime value of that subscription product) + Total one-off purchases revenue from Shopify Analytics] ÷ Total Ad Spend.


We also used Custom Conversion on Meta by assigning CLTV values to each subscription product so that we could better optimise our daily strategies within the ad account and have more visibility. Although this fixed CLTV value wasn’t a perfect system in the ad account, it helped to give more visibility on the daily performance within the ad account and we would always cross-check against our reporting model we built within Supermetrics as the ultimate source of truth.  

The Results

Overall thanks to our analysis and custom reporting we were able to put in place, we managed to refine the strategies and media buying approach to reduce monthly CAC by an average of 26%.

It’s also no small feat to make a former Wall-Street trader happy with the level of granularity and insights that we could provide within our new reporting model as Nathan, Mo’s husband and partner shared below:


The working team

Cheng Ying (CY) Chung
Client Director

The first hire within ROAS Media many moons ago, CY is a master at strategic thinking and rapid, profitable growth with world-class media buying strategies and a very impressive track record to back this up!

Elaine Soong
Senior Media Buyer

Elaine is our resident data wizard who can turn any large/complex data project into a strategic work of art and thanks to her analytical super-compter brain, Elaine makes magic happen in every ad account she scales with!

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