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We've generated $250m+ in trackable ad revenue and counting

Our team has taken brands making $30k per month to $300k+ per month profitably.

For our larger brands joining our portfolio, we’ve helped them scale from $250k per month to $2-3m+ p/m profitably and helped grow many of the largest eCom disruptors in their respective niches.

What We Can Do For You

Custom marketing plan

Advanced full-funnel campaign setup

Market expansion strategies and execution

7 days a week media buying

Custom reporting dashboards

Tailored creative strategies and execution

Continous and rigorous A/B testing

Our focused approach to growing your revenue

Most brands don’t need all the bells and whistles at once – don’t let other agencies sell you something you don’t need.
Through our complimentary audit, we’ll help you to identify the key areas of focus for your business to scale further profitably:

TikTok Ad Creatives - It’s not as difficult as you might think

Right now TikTok is one of the most cost effective platforms for reach and clicks. The biggest concern most brands have before getting started on TikTok is whether or not they have strong enough ad creatives for TikTok but it’s not as difficult as you might think.

TikTok is evolving just as Instagram did in the early years of beginning advertising on the platform. If your ads are performing well on Instagram, then the chances are your ads can also perform well on TikTok but one thing is for sure, the attention TikTok is garnering on a daily basis is not going away anytime soon and over time more and more brands will start to leverage TikTok effectively and costs will increase so right now is a great time to capatalise on this platform.

The One-Two Punch Strategy With TikTok Ads:

Right now TikTok is at a similar phase in its journey as Instagram was in the early years of offering advertising. The content on TikTok funny/interesting/engaging/entertaining and the audience is consuming it at a rapid pace. Just as Instagram in the early days, it can be challenging to take an audience off the TikTok platform with an ad and get them to convert right away.

One of the strategies we’re deploying with our brands is a one-two punch strategy whereby we acquire cheaper website traffic and clicks with TikTok ads and convert this traffic throughout the month with retargeting ads from our Facebook/Instagram or Google ads and measure the effective cost per conversion with this one-two punch strategy.

Metrics That Matter

If you want to see how much your return on ad spend changes with fluctuations in various key metrics in paid advertising then look no further than our ROAS calculator.

Data Driven Decision Making

Every brand is unique and for every strategy we put together for you, data lead decision making will be at the core. Our team tracks your cross-channel ad metrics, website metrics and overall revenue metrics on a daily basis with our custom built reporting.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure!

We pull the most amount of data in Asia Pacific for Supermetrics.

You can access our our data and analytics capabilities.