The Fox Tan

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Brand Story

Cult-favorite tanning accelerator brand, The Fox Tan, is an Australian-based, female-owned brand, founded by Olivia Zorzut and Kelly Euripidou. The Fox Tan’s accelerator products are made with active amino acids that help you to achieve your tanning goals with less time in the sun. 


After helping the Fox Tan to scale predominantly within Australia since 2017, by 2019, it was time to start looking further afield for driving further business expansion.

The primary objective for overseas expansion was to target the northern hemisphere in warmer months to counter-balance the usual seasonal dip within Australia when it was clear that winter wasn’t too far around the corner.



Monthly Meta Ad Revenue During Peak Season

Monthly Meta Ad Revenue YoY from Cross Border Expansion

Increase in New Customer from Cross Border Business

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The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges for any successful brand within its home market is cracking international expansion. During the time of our international expansion plans, The Fox Tan historically had never used any paid influencers for promoting the brand, all of the ad creative that featured people in the images or videos were real customers with real results – it was part of the USP and a key marketing strategy. Without any influencers or big promotional activities to move the needle within these international markets, we had to take a more grass-roots approach to find our own winning formula with our paid ads strategy.

Our Strategy

Ad comments can be pure gold:

The Fox Tan has an amazing customer base that regularly comments on their ads about the success they’re seeing with the products. One of the things we noticed however, as we reviewed an inhuman amount of comments across all of their ads, was a common question from customers and interested buyers alike, asking whether or not these products could be used in tanning salons.

Tanning salons are quite prevalent in many markets overseas but not in Australia so it was never really something that the Fox Tan had focussed on before. Using this insight from the ad comments, we came up with a few creative strategies to feature UGC content from customers who were replying to these questions about the use case for tanning salons and their own experience and positive reviews. After getting all the permissions and assets from customers to utlise this UGC content, we got to work on putting fresh creatives together with the core focus around The Fox Tan’s products, user results within tanning salons, their testimonials and helping to answer other FAQs covering everything you need to know within the videos.

Tapping into a buyers psychology:

Knowing we wanted to make a big push into markets like the US, Canada and Europe, we wanted to piggyback off of the success of The Fox Tan within Australia to provide more confidence to potential new buyers seeing these products for the first time. We ended up testing various ad copy and key messages within the video creatives themselves but one of the top performing call-outs we still use regular to this day in their creatives was the statement “Trusted by over 100,000+ babes from around the world!”. This statement combined with the comments people would see on the ad itself saying things like “I’ve been waiting for you to sell to Canada for sooo long!” really helped to build confidence and drive interest and strong roas on these ads.

KISS – Keeping It Simple:

As we started seeing some early success with our creative strategies, we started to focus on each market independently to analyse key trends and look for opportunities to improve results further. We could see from the Shopify stats and ad metrics that the bounce rate and various drop-off rates were higher than those of Australia. This is to be expected but with some website tweaks to the shipping page on The Fox Tans website where we would specify the average time to deliver in each core market, we were able to drastically improve on both the performance.

Day-Trading On Facebook:

In 2019, this was a strategy we used across all of our ad accounts. Given how the algorithm worked, if you knew how to rapidly scale and essentially day-trade on the ad account, you could ride the momentum of a successful day within the 24hr window the ad account runs on. By doing this, we were scaling budgets every 30-60min, sometimes more frequently. The amount we scaled the budget depended on the roas for that ad set/campaign but also how much it had spent, we had very tightly controlled parameters which meant it had to be done manually and we also utilised our global team structure to have a day team and a night team for scaling – especially because you have to be very carefully scaling so aggressively in the last few hours before the ad account resets before the new day. This scaling strategy combined with our efforts above all culminated in rapid expansion.

The Results

The highlight of this case study is achieving over AUD$1,000,000 in trackable ad revenue on Facebook/Meta ads but the bigger picture from our efforts here was successfully unlocking new markets that would help to balance out seasonal dips in the year with a product that is very dependent on whether the sun is shining.

The top performing salon focussed ad helped to deliver over AUD$1,000,000 in trackable ad revenue that month alone and continued to be a top performer for the year and into the following year.

The working team

Elaine Soong
Senior Media Buyer

Elaine is our resident data wizard who can turn any large/complex data project into a strategic work of art and thanks to her analytical super-compter brain, Elaine makes magic happen in every ad account she scales with!

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