The ROAS Calculator

Uniquely created by ROAS Media to help you determine how these key metrics can impact your ROAS.

How to use the calculator:

From this calculator, you can also get a glimpse into how close or how far you are on key metrics from hitting your desired targets but if you’d like a deeper analysis into your data, we can help you achieve this with our paid audit consultation services.

We’ve put this example together to showcase how there are multiple factors involved in hitting roas targets

Move the slider bars in either direction to see how key changes in each of these metrics effects your final return on ad spend (ROAS)













See how you stack up compared to other brands globally:

ROAS Media has managed 10’s of millions in global ad spend

If you’d like to benchmark your own data against anonymised and aggregated data in our portfolio to see how you stack up then our paid audit service is just what you need to get started

Through our paid audit service, we can build out a custom roas calculator for your brand as well as a game plan to help you understand where you sit compared to other brands and where you need to focus and invest to hit your desired targets

Take the guesswork out of your planning and ensure you’re shooting for targets that are within reach for each key variable to save you months of time and investment going down the wrong path

Paul Estes, Founder of Loure Skincare

“I’ve dealt with so many agencies in the past to help us with our digital marketing efforts, but no one comes close to ROAS Media. They have been the only ones to go deep into the data and present it transparently. I believe ROAS Media is coming up with a game-changing strategy based on one thing: RETURN ON AD SPEND, and honestly, that’s nothing else a business owner should care about and pay the most attention to, and for that, I am happy to say: ROAS Media is the very best.”

Nathan Vazquez, Co-Founder and CEO, Pipsticks.

“We struggled for years to find a partner that could help us make sense of ads that were targeting both long-term subscriptions and regular eComm transactions. We’d churned through multiple agencies who were unwilling to put in the effort to help us get our LTV and analytics in place to scale our ads. Finally, ROAS took the time to help us build out a custom dashboard that led to great visibility and understanding of the performance of our subscription channel – which then unlocked scaling with confidence for the team.”

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