8 Insights Surfaced from Our Complimentary Audit of an eCom Brand Spending USD$500k a Year on Paid Ads

Ever wonder just how on point some of the larger eCom brands are with their ads/strategies and areas they still need to refine?

You might be surprised at some of the findings and insights we surface during our complimentary audits: https://roasmedia.com/audit/

#eCom #ads insights from a BD audit consultation call we took this week with a brand spending usd$500k per year on ads (profitably) but with big areas for improvement:

1. Cache Chaos: For the founders, the website looks great on mobile as we tested this for the first time, the load speeds were very slow for us, images weren’t loading and many elements were out of place which is a big reason why their add to cart/conversion rates are so low.

2. Hide n’ Seek with add to cart (ATC) buttons: We found x2 ATC buttons on the mobile version PDP and the buttons themselves blended in too much with the page design. As you navigate priority dropdowns on the product page, ATC button(s) get pushed below the fold. We surfaced a number of other insights as to why their ads ATC rate would be low.

3. Free product/mystery: As you order, you’re allowed to select a free product with your purchase. It’s a great offer but the free product is missing in the final checkout page so it looks like a bait/switch even though the free product is sent as promised. Fixing this should obviously help them improve their ATC>purchase rates.

4. Ship* Shipping link: Through various website updates, the shipping policy details on a link within the checkout page were mostly removed – currently there is just a scary-looking one-liner detailing risk/loss on shipping will be the onus of the customer after products shipped with the carrier. Another big area of opportunity to refine.

5. Wasted ad spend: Their current agency is not using exclusion audiences at all…. customers who already purchased in the morning could easily be seeing multiple ads in the afternoon and following days/weeks due to poor settings on their ad funnels.

6. New products cannibalising top performers: Over the last few months, a few hundred new products were launched at a lower price point, lowering the average order value/basket size overall each month (crucial to revise when you see the next point).

7. Their AOV is their saving grace: A high average order value is skewing how badly the website/ads are performing. With the website ranging from 0.2-0.5% conversion rates, there is a ton of opportunity for improving performance and still lots of low-hanging fruit identified from Google’s website audit tool:https://pagespeed.web.dev/

8. Over-reliance on one top-performing creative: At this level of spend, to see better results and ensure more stability, the creative output needs to be 3-4x from what they’re currently putting out.

With #BFCM and Holiday sales season just around the corner, if you’re looking for a sanity check on your brand, our complimentary audit/consultation can help you to get on the right track:https://roasmedia.com/audit/